Sports Massage


In a world ruled by technology, the entire humanity is striving to fight the urge to pick up the game consoles of video games and struggle to get into sports to stay healthy. Decades ago, technology and sports were two opposite poles repelling each other; but man is intelligent in nature, he innovated machines that would take sports in to a whole new level.

Nowadays, sports have become interactive and dynamic from being just a competition and recreation. Today, engaging in sports have become a lifestyle. Along with these advanced changes in sports and in our lives comes sports massage to ease the pains that were caused by heavy exercises, extreme sports, and a really active lifestyle.

Sports massages are of different kinds depending on which part of the body you are targeting to ease the pain and spasm, but whichever kind it may be, the following benefits are always constant:

Decreases Muscular Tension. When you are active, your muscles tense as it gather force so that you can throw a basket ball, kick a foot ball, spike a shuttlecock, jump over a hurdle, or catch a Frisbee; with that said, your muscles stretch and harden, this then leads to muscle pains and cramps. Getting a sports massage will help decrease muscular tension as rubbing-down your muscles would make the amino acids in your body to spread making the muscles less tense.

Increase in Blood Flow. Since amino acids have now spread throughout, your blood can now freely flow in your veins making your heart pump blood faster. This then would lead to a healthier heart in the long run.

Decreases The Chance of Getting an Injury. Getting a sports massage on a regular basis also decreases your chance of getting an injury. Why? This is because your muscles are slowly getting used to being stretched and therefore becomes flexible; and if your muscle is flexible enough, you are less likely to get injured when reaching for a far object.

Increases Flexibility. Having an active lifestyle increases muscular reflexes and flexibility. As you stretch regularly, your muscles get more and more flexible each time; allowing you to reach far objects easier and pick up falling objects even before they could reach the ground.

Mental Alertness. Sports also increases mental alertness especially when paired with sports massages. In relation to what has been mentioned above, increase in blood flow makes the heart beat faster by pumping blood faster. As a result, this then leads to better physical and mental coordination and faster reflexes.

We are lucky that the innovative giants of yesterday came up with all these revolutionary sports and exercising machines to make our lives more active and healthier. Who would have ever thought that dancing in front of your TV with a friend could be fun, healthy, and competitive? None of us ever imagined that one day we could actually run miles and shed sweat without going outside our rooms. And nobody among us ever came up with the idea to use oversized dodge balls to exercise? Lastly, no one among us ever discerned that we could actually put colored liquids on a dodge ball so it explodes into our white shirts and still call it a sport.

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